Time For New Ideas

Experience The Difference

In an increasingly fast-paced and globalized world, high school students are under tremendous pressure to succeed. Academic qualifications, such as high school diplomas and university degrees, are important prerequisites for today’s professional markets that require young men and women to perform at top levels.

The ecolea International Schools are geared towards this challenging reality. Along with cutting-edge academic preparation, we aim to convey to our students a positive attitude toward life, and the will to perform at their best. We build on our students’ many different talents, backgrounds, hopes and goals to develop an innovative learning style that best suits them as young individuals.

After all, there is more to learning than simply absorbing new information. Modern learning also encompasses effective problem-solving strategies and creative ways to apply oneself as an individual or as a member of a team. Our key values include co-operation, responsibility, accountability, tolerance, mutual respect, the courage to develop a free mind, as well as the ability to formulate and accept constructive criticism.

The ecolea International Schools subscribe to a modern philosophy of learning that places equal value on a solid academic base, a core set of values and interpersonal soft skills. As the recent PISA studies have shown, Germany needs new approaches to learning. It is high time for new ideas.

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