The ecolea International Schools first started operations at Rostock-Warnemünde and Schwerin in 2005. Both schools received government accreditation in September 2010, when the Mecklenburg/ Western Pomerania Ministry of Education, Science and Culture affirmed that the ecolea school system meets all the long-term standards set for government-recognized secondary schools. We opened another ecolea school at Güstrow in August, 2010.

The ecolea schools are open to the general public, independent, privately-owned and government-accredited. The state government constantly monitors the quality and content of our academic program, as they do at any other public school. Independent schools are designed, by law, to complement and diversify the state-run public school system. Although independent schools are legally bound to follow the same general curriculum, they are usually in a position to offer a bit more. The German constitution ensures the freedom of independent schools to develop their own academic focus and profile, which in turn enables us to offer to our students a modern and skills-based comprehensive education.

The ecolea schools are members of the SeminarCenterGruppe under the roof of which a diversity of institutions offer educational programs. The Seminar Center Group proudly looks back on many years of experience in educational management. Our Advanced Vocational Training School, for example, has grown so much over the past 15 years that it is now the largest private vocational school in the state of Mecklenburg/ Western Pomerania. The SeminarCenterGruppe stays on the pulse of the professional world through constant communication with regional and supra-regional businesses. Experience has shown that our partners in the business world greatly value the hands-on, practice-oriented approach of the ecolea secondary schools.

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