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The ecolea International Schools are university preparatory institutions that also offer a specialized vocational track in the upper grades. Essential features of the ecolea International School program include all-day learning, bilingual instruction in English and German, emphasis on the natural sciences, international partnership programs with various European schools, as well as successful integration into the social and economic networks of the region.   

Appealing to all senses, we aim to embrace our students’ individual backgrounds, interests and talents. ecolea students attend school in a safe and secure environment. It is important that our students feel comfortable at school because we consider an underlying basis of trust and understanding as a prerequisite to high academic performance.

The ecolea International Schools employ a broad technological approach. The scope extends, for example, from simple home-made weather stations to illustrate fundamental physical phenomena to sophisticated photometric devices to analyze water quality. In the biological sciences students can study anatomy through traditional dissections and computer generated 3D animations and multimedia applications in accordance with modern bioethical principles.

Our instructional infrastructure features interactive computer-driven multimedia smartboards in each classroom providing students and faculty with cutting-edge educational resources. A pilot project has been initiated to supply each upper-level student with a laptop for use in class. We also have well-stocked and growing school libraries and modern textbooks for traditional knowledge access.

School should not encompass just academic pursuits. Examples of extracurricular activities are the paramedic and lifeguard group, chess and table-tennis clubs, sailing courses, school competitions and a broad selection of study trips.

The ecolea International Schools recognize the need to counteract the increasingly sedentary lifestyle and are implementing an enhanced sports program including weekly running sessions in addition to the regular PE classes and sports teams to compete in local and regional sports leagues.

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