• In the classic three-tiered German school system the highest level schools are referred to as Gymnasiums. We offer Gymnasium-level education starting in grade 5
  • Bilingual lessons in English and German, e.g. Science, History, Geography
  • University-preparatory education in the natural sciences
  • Emphasis on applied skills and practical know-how
  • Student exchange programs with various European partner schools
  • Reinforced foreign language skills (choice of Spanish, French or Latin in grade 6; additional foreign language optional in grade 9)
  • Small classes (with a maximum of 24 students )
  • Individual tutoring to help students overcome academic deficits
  • Accelerated lessons for the gifted and talented
  • Interdisciplinary project-based learning
  • Student-centered and activity-based lessons
  • Goal-oriented and value-based methods
  • Classrooms fitted with electronic whiteboards
  • Additional PE classes
  • Computer and learning styles training (SKILLS)
  • School choir and school orchestra (students receive specialized instruction, depending on which instrument they choose to play)
  • All-day supervision (from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Subject based study trips
  • AbiPlus (high school diploma plus one-year professional training)
  • Qualified school counselors
  • Emphasis on 90-minute lessons to foster independent group and project work
  • Numerous after-school activities: sports, music, art

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